Fast program

  • Mandag kl. 20-21: Studiegruppe over Skype - klik for at læse mere. 

  • Tirsdag kl. 19-20: Meditationspraksis på kærlighed og medfølelse. 

  • Lørdag kl. 14: Meditation og kage. 

Program with Lama Tador from Jangchub Choeling Monastery

19th July, 9 am to 24th July, 6 pm

Come and join us in the meritorious activity of making Buddha forms (Tsa-Tsa) under guidance by Lama Tador. These forms will later be installed in Stupas here. Daily schedule include group activities and practice sessions of “The Treasury of Blessings – a practice of Buddha Sakyamuni”.  We will be showing you a video recording, by Dupseng Rinpoche, where Rinpoche explains the practices, motivation and benefit of making Buddha forms including instructions to the specific meditation, which we will do with Lamas guidance.

There will be time for individual practice.  You are most welcome to join alternatively for 1 day or simply what your time allows.

25th and 26th July

Preparing the Nyungne. Please join us in preparing the Shrine Hall for the retreat.

26th July, 4 pm to 31st July, 10 am

Nyungne, 1000 arm Avalokiteshvara, fasting retreat.

This unique practice gives us the opportunity to develop compassion for all sentient beings in an environment full of inspiration as this is a group practice.

Buddhist refuge and Avalokiteshvara empowerment is generally recommended, required to join.

3rd August, 9 am to 7th August, 6 pm

Making Buddha forms (Tsa-Tsa) to be installed in future Stupas. See above description. 

12th August, 9 am to 14th August, 6 pm

Ngondro, the 4 preliminary practices (Prostrations, Vajrasattva, Mandala Offering, Guru Yoga).

We will use time in an inspiring combination of group and individual practice sessions.


Boarding with ecological, vegetarian meals.


Nyungne retreat (26-31 July)   1.600 DKK
Ngondro retreat (12-14 August)   1.200 DKK
Other days with program   350 DKK
Days in between programs  175 DKK


Membership is included the price, please fill out the formular

First-come-first-serve basis

Financial problems should not be an obstacle to join, please contact us.

If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact us phone +45 98645655, e-mail:

Dagligt program:



Kl. 6.30 til Kl. 7.30

Egen praksis.




Målgruppen for kurserne er beskrevet under de enkelte kurser.
Prisen for retreat og kurser er fast.
Økonomiske problemer bør ikke være en hindring for at deltage i kurserne - kontakt centeret.
For alle kurser er tilmelding nødvendig.


Karma Shedrup Choeling arrangerer gerne foredrag om buddhisme for skoler, gymnasier og andre interesserede.

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