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Late Summer course with Venerable Shangpa Rinpoche:

Lodjong and Guru Rinpoche Empowerment

2rd August - 6th August 2018

We are deeply grateful, that Rinpoche will once again bless us with his presence.

This Summer Rinpoche will give Lodjong (mind training) teachings based on his teachings from 2016, where he taught Shamatha and Vipassana meditation.


Shangpa Rinpoche has previously written the book; “The Seven Points of Mind Training - Practical Instructions On The Path To Awakening”, which thoroughly goes through the Lodjong tradition along with the theory and methodes.

on Saturday August 4 at 8 pm. Shangpa Rinpoche will bestow a Guru Rinpoche (Konchok Chidu) empowerment.

Guru Rinpoche.jpg

You may attend this course without having attended the Shamatha and Vipassana course from 2016, since the programme is recommended for both newcomers as well as more experienced practitioners.

Course fees:

1500 kr (including practice texts, accommodation in dormitory or your own tent and organic vegetarian food).


Accommodation in a simple cabin/caravan (limited first come first save basis): + 400 kr.


​Children under 12 years: + 50 kr./pr. day

Children over 12 years: + 75 kr./pr. day.

Saturday august 4 incl. Guru Rinpoche empowerment: 500 dkr.

For Registration please send an email to:

​If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that your course fee covers expenses regarding the course, such as Rinpoche’s travel arrangements, food etc, not actual payment for Rinpoche’s teachings. Therefore we kindly ask all participants to give Rinpoche a donation instead as a sign of gratitude. This may be done at the end of the course or anonymously to the Center (to give to Rinpoche). The amount is based on free will and entirely up to you. :-)

Shangpa Rinpoche is calm, direct and easy to understand - as Rinpoche is fluent in English. Rinpoche is a living source of inspiration and responsible for educating the next generation of practitioners, nuns, monks at many places around the world.

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