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Vi bygger 8 stupaer
Under Dupseng Rinpoches vejledning har vi igangsat byggeriet af 8 stupaer langs fredsstien. 

We are building 8 stupas
Under the guidance of Dupseng Rinpoche we have started the construction of 8 stupas along the peace-path.

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Shangpa Rinpoche gives teachings 5-9 July
We are happy to announce that Shangpa Rinpoche will give teachings in the center 5-9 July.
5-8 July: course on creation and completion (Kyerim and Zogrim)
9 July: empowerment on Dorje Sempa


29.-30. april og 13.-14. maj gør vi klar til sommerens kurser. Der er forskellige praktiske opgaver og vi mediterer sammen.

12-.17 June: Dupseng Rinpoche gives wang tri and Lung to Chenresig with 1000 arms.

18-25 June: Dupseng Rinpoche gives Mahakala empowerment and Kagyu Yogi Academy

5-9 July: Shangpa Rinpoche Creation and Completion.

9 July: Shangpa Rinpoche gives Dordje Sempa Wang

15.-17. September: Konchok gives Lodjong

18 September: Study group on skype 


Vision of peace

The true nature of all beings, Karmapa teaches, is to seek peace:

“Peace is complete awareness. In this state of awareness, we cultivate and combine compassion and wisdom. In this state of awareness, we are alive, awake, we take responsibility for our actions. In this state, we are not driven by emotion, we control our emotions and actions. In this state, we are patient, nonviolent, we do not judge. In this state, we nurture our Inner Wealth – our innate values – and balance them with outer (material) wealth in a way that benefits all sentient beings. This is peace.”


Center for studier og praksis af buddhisme

Buddha Center Karma Shedrup Choeling er et buddhistisk center indenfor den tibetansk buddhistiske Karma Kagyu tradition. Centeret er smukt beliggende i Himmerland med udsigt til Limfjorden.​​​ Centeret afholder løbende kurser og foredrag om buddhisme.

Dharma elearning.png

The garden appearing like a pleasant rainbow,

The beauty grasps by the net of conceptual,

From the sleep of confusion one holds the view of true existence,

Once awaken it's simply the appearance of emptiness and interdependence.

Shangpa Rinpoche

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