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Preparations for Dying with Confidence

- 5 days of teachings and empowerment

26th june - 30th June 2019

The aim of these teachings is so you will know how you should react, and be confident of the proces of dying. It also refers to how you should practice and connect this with your present life situations. This way you make yurself familiar with the process and are able to die i a happy confident way. Dying is an important practice, which makes your next destination, and should be used as your path to enlightenment.

Rinpoche will also bestow the associated empowerment of 100 peaceful and wrathful dieties (Shitro) related to the teachings found in the classic Bardo Thodrol (Tibetan Book of the Dead).


This empowerment is rarely given, so it is an extraordinary oppotunity.  

Receiving the empowerment purifies broken Samayas (commitments) and helps one go through the Bardo stages without fear and in full trust of recognizing the 100 peaceful and wrathful deities. It is considered just to recieve the blessings of the empowerment can help practitioners at the time of death, and it is said that even hearing the name of the 100 deities closes the door to rebith in lower realms.

Shangpa Rinpoche is calm, direct and easy to understand - as Rinpoche is fluent in English. Rinpoche is a living source of inspiration and responsible for educating the next generation of practitioners, nuns, monks at many places around the world.

All teachings will be given in English. There will be no translation.

Course fees:

2300 dkr (including accommodation in dormitory or your own tent and organic vegetarian food).

Children: 300 dkr.


Accommodation in a simple cabin/caravan (limited first come first save basis): + 300 kr.


Empowerment: 500 dkr.

For Registration please send an email to:

​If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Please note that your course fee covers expenses regarding the course, such as Rinpoche’s travel arrangements, food etc, not actual payment for Rinpoche’s teachings. Therefore we kindly ask all participants to give Rinpoche a donation instead as a sign of gratitude. This may be done at the end of the course or anonymously to the Center (to give to Rinpoche). The amount is based on free will and entirely up to you. :-)


24th June - Arrival of Shangpa Rinpoche

8pm Rinpoche arrives at the Center.


26th June - Start of the program

07.30am Breakfast

09.30am to 12pm Registration, Practical preparations and any self practice

12pm Lunch

2 pm Rinpoche will start his teachings


30th June

10.30am Empowerment of 100 peaceful and wrathful dieties (Shitro)

1pm Lunch

3pm to 5pm Completion of the teachings by Rinpoche


Further details of the schedule for the days, 26th to 30th June, will be announced at the Center after Rinpoche has arrived here.

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