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Nyungnge Retreat

Nyungnge - Thousand-Armed Chenrezig retreat with Venerable Dupsing Rinpoche


New Dates: Mai 29 - June 3

It is a great joy to invite everyone to join the above-mentioned Dharma program with Dupsing Rinpoche from Jangchub Choeling Monastery in Pokhara in Nepal.

This unique practice gives us the opportunity to develop compassion for all sentient beings in an environment full of inspiration as this is a group practice.

(For more information about this practice we recommend you to have a look at the following link of KIBS official website:


Participation contribution, depending on choice of accommodation:


Option A                       
Accommodation in your own tent/car/caravan/camper. 
Electricity in this area is not available.

Course fee: 1 set 1200 DKK / 2 set 1800 DKK. 

Option B
Accommodation in a simple caravan/cabin (generally 2 persons in each) or accommodation in a larger room for 4 persons, in the main house.

Course fee: 1 set 1400 DKK / 2 set 2000 DKK.

Option C           
Accommodation in a room in the house (2 persons in each). Limited availability. 

Course fee: 1 set 1400 DKK / 2 set 2200 DKK.
Above mentioned prices does not include extra days before/after in connection to the program.

If you wish to join, please inform us by e-mail to

For futher information please contact us directly by e-mail of phone.

Please note that your course fee covers expenses regarding the course, such as Rinpoche’s travel arrangements, food etc, not actual payment for Rinpoche’s teachings. Therefore we kindly ask all participants to give Rinpoche a donation instead as a sign of gratitude. This may be done at the end of the course or anonymously to the Center (to give to Rinpoche). The amount is based on free will and entirely up to you. :-)

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